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New $1 Web Hosting Per Month with cPanel and Free SSL Compatible With WordPress

$1 web hosting

Good news, the $1 web hosting is possible and I will tell you how you can avail it.

In today’s techology, internet services are getting expensive. It is impossible to find a $1 web hosting for a year that is unlimited, reliable and will not just vanish suddenly.

The cheapest website host is the hardest to find if you are building an individual or business website. Don’t know what hosting is good for you? read this article from wikipedia, web hosting service.

But if you are looking for a yearly one which you can buy one time and after next year you will pay again, then this post is for you and keep reading on how to buy a $1 year web hosting which you will find out how.

Here Is The $1 Web Hosting Company That You Are Waiting For

hobohost.com offers a reliable, cheap and most importantly a $1 hosting plan. Of course, it has a cPanel which is very useful if you are building a massive website with a lot of features. They also have a drag and drop website builder which will help you if you are just new in building websites.

The $1 web hosting is almost a gem if you have found one. Because there are so many fake and not really $1 but a lot of hidden fees. Well, if you want some free trial here is one of the most trusted web hosting company which is Google Cloud and it is easy to make an account with them.

Here is what Hobo Host says about their hosting services:

“Many cPanel® hosting packages offer ‘unlimited’ disk space, addon domains, or other features for a few dollars more each month, but do you really need it? If you are not using these features, why should you pay for them? At HoboHost we have plans structured in a way to save you money and give you the best bang for your buck!”

It has a Softaculous too, you can use it and choose among its wide range of website platforms. And lastly, the WordPress one-click installer that you need that is why you are here.

Almost all the webmaster need affordable web hosting like $1 web hosting cPanel or WordPress because that’s what they need to build their own websites or web apps.

Below is the other web hosting companies that offers reliable hosting services:

Those companies above somtimes offer a web hosting $1 per month that you can purchase especially on a sale day like Black Friday sale which is happening every November of the year.

Not exactly a web hosting $1 month, but maybe a little less like 99 cent web hosting or maybe a little bit more. By the way, if you decide to go on Hobo Host, you need to read this.

“We have not raised our hosting prices in nearly 10 years! Instead we have added features and upgraded existing accounts! The renewal price will be set to the amount before the promocode is applied. For example, the Floor package is $12.00/year before the promocode. This means it will be set to renew at just $12.00/year after your first year for $11.00!”

For your information, The Hacker’s Love is being hosted by this 1$ web hosting which is Hobo Host. There is no hidden fees or whatsoever.

Best web hosting that are 1$ Monthly

Those are the best and most reliable $1 web hosting that I could find that is why I listed them for you to guide you.

But if you are a big company that will build a massive website or even an e-commerce website, then you need a superior servers for your hosting and these are for you:

1. Amazon AWS – https://aws.amazon.com/websites/

Amazon is probably the second to Google Cloud for the best and can handle huge website traffics if you own an e-commerce website.

This is not $1 unlimited web hosting but they are trusted and one of the leaders in web hosting business around the world.

Amazon probably is the best hosting out there if you have enough budget to spend and your money is not limited. Why not try them?

2. Pantheon – https://pantheon.io

This one is also not a $1 month web hosting but they are a big company in the web hosting industry. They have free SSL certificates for your sites.

Your plan will have 2 free sandbox sites for experimental and developmental purposes. Go on, check them out, man. They got Git-based Dev, Test and Live environment for your web hosting needs.

I do not know about this one but it says they got some free Integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN). Also their clients include Coach, IBM and Yale University.

3. Hyve – https://www.hyve.com

Hyve hosting experts have 15 years of industry experience. They offer managed cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and public cloud. The benefits of their web hosting include reliablity, super fast servers, security and scalability.

They have data centers all over the world. The one thing I love is their disaster recovery service and DDOS protection. They also offer on-site and off-site backups for your files.

They do not have any $1 hosting but they are very professional in terms of giving you a great service and putting your website online 24/7.

4. Hostinger – https://www.hostinger.com

This one is old but gold, they are in the web hosting industry for a long time. Now, their lowest plan has a free SSL certificate. Their website is optimized for WordPress.

Their cheapest plan has 100gb data allowance which is a lot for a normal website. Unless you have a huge business website that needs this bandwidth.

Their support is 24/7 any day of the week so you can trust them and make sure that your website is up always.

5. Known Host – https://www.knownhost.com

Known Host is known because of their best shared web hosting plans with dedicated resources. No, not $1 web hosting but they offer a lot.

Their US based technical team will guide you from pre-sale to after sale questions. They claimed to have a 99.9% uptime guarantee with your websites.

Their fully-managed share hosting plan is best for you. They have free website migration when you are moving from your old web hosting provider.

6. GreenGeeks – https://www.greengeeks.com/web-hosting

They have $2.95 as their lowest share web hosting plan. They got high performance hardwares to serve you. Do you know that they got some unlimited data web space and bandwidth.

The good this is they have a free domain for your first year! Isn’t that great, man? And wait, there’s more! they have free wildcard SSL too!

Your website will be “carbon-reducing” when hosted on they platform. You can feel good that you’re making a difference.