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How To Really Hack Facebook Messenger? Is Facebook Messenger Hack Real?

How To Really Hack Facebook Messenger, Is Facebook Messenger Hack Real?

Do you know that 20 billion messages are sent every month, and you are here to know more if it’s bad to hack someone’s Facebook Messenger?

By looking at those numbers, that’s a lot of messages, different type of conversations and you are thinking to hack someone’s Facebook messenger account and see what they are sending.

Do you know that you can use Facebook’s messenger via its website which is accessible via Messenger.com, type that on your phone’s browser address bar.

Firstly, why do you even want to read someone’s conversation? Do you know that this app is the second most downloaded app in the world, and you are thinking how to hack facebook messenger conversations which is not good.

Does Facebook Messenger Hack Really Exist?

Maybe you are broken-hearted and you want to hack into your ex inbox for free and see who is she/he talking to. Or you are spying on your wife/husband’s inbox to know who are they seeing or dating.

I know what you are feeling, I was broken-hearted too by a girl that cheated on me. But ask yourself, is it worth it going to facebook.com/messages and trying login in your ex messenger account?

Here’s what Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook says about the security of their apps:

“As I think about the future of the internet, I believe a privacy-focused communications platform will become even more important than today’s open platforms,”

As you’ve read above, Messenger and WhatsApp are mainly focused on privacy and they will not let people to learn or use any Facebook hack tool or software that you can just download online for free and ruin each other’s lives.

And do you know that when you try to hack someone’s Messenger account password, you will be redirected to a confirmation page. It will ask you to verify your phone number or email.

Here are the spam websites that you will find if you try to google how to hack facebook messenger for free:

But that’s not all, there are too many to list. They are out there infested the Google search when you try  to serch the topic which is hacking into Facebook Messenger app.

But the Facebook messenger team is too smart and won’t let their product to be hacked, so those sites will remain not working or not real.

“Today we already see that private messaging, ephemeral stories, and small groups are by far the fastest growing areas of online communication.”

That’s what Zuckerberg added. Private messaging is popular now and being used by many so to hack someone’s Facebook Messenger will be too hard, especially for ordinary people.

But if you are determined to try, here are the websites that will entertain you if you are searching on how to hack someone’s Facebook Messenger app:

Those are the sites that you can start reading and learning if you are serious about the thing you want which is Facebook Messenger hack that you’ll learn online.

Come on, man! Dont try to hack anything. Instead read these simple Messenger cool tips or simple hacks:

1. Send 1 emoji to set your Messenger into dark mode – knowtechie.com

If you are not updated about what’s going on, then this cool hack is for you. Do you know that you can turn your Messenger into a dark mode or totally black by sending 1 half moon emoji to a friend? 

Yeah! try it. So go on, update it first before trying it because it will no work. Is your app is updated though?

Your app needs to be updated to the latest version before you try this awesome Facebook messenger hack.

2. Send big like/thumbs up button on chat box – nbcnews.com

Did your friend send you a big or huge like AKA thumbs up emoji? It is simple, man! LOL. Do you know how to do it?

It is simple, just long press the like button, it will slowly getting bigger and when it reaches its max size, release your finger! Is that simple? Yeah, it’s cool though.

Any emoji will work, you know how to change the default like button emoji, right? Just tap the ‘i’ sign on the top right and tap emoji. There you go, man! You’re a hacker now, just kidding LMAO!

3. Sending a photo to someone? wait! put some doodle on it – engadget.com

Before you send some cool photo to someone, make it cool by adding some doodle or anything you’d like to draw on that photo you are sending.

Put some heart on it, if it is your partner you are sending to. Or some horn if it is your bad friend LOL! Just kidding again!

Life is simple, make it wonderful. Dont be a serious one by searching how to hack messenger.

4. The hidden emoji games – eonline.com

Are you a basketball fanatic? or an NBA2k gamer? Well, for your information; there is a Messenger simple hidden game. It is not actually a hack but only few people know this one.

Just find and tap the basketball or football emoji from emoji list. And the game will show up. And try to practice before playing with anyone.

It is a simple game but entertaining and perfect if you are waiting for something like your ex coming back, LOL!

5. View all the photos and videos shared to each other – cnet.com

Do you want to see all the shared videos and photos from someone over messenger? It is possible. You dont need to hack someone’s Facebook messenger password or account.

It is simple, click the name of the one you are chatting with. And scroll down until you see all the shared media that you have sent to each other.

Do not do it to see your ex though, HAHA! I know you still love her or him but you will just get hurt by looking at it.

6. Share you current location to a friend – newsroom.fb.com

If you are in a bad situation or what, share you current location to a friend and that friend can track your location for 60 minutes.

It will be very useful for emergencies when you needed some help. Just hit the location icon, it is easy.

Share the love, so please share this trick to your love-one or share it to your kids. Probably, it’s one of the most important features of messenger that is rarely used.


TLDR, no you cant just hack into someone’s Messenger account online and read anyone’s conversation. It is hard to do. You wont be able to do it.

Because the Facebook CEO was a former hacker back in college. That’s why he knows how to secure his own property. And hacking is bad, you know. Just try to focus yourself into something positive and will make yourself useful to others.