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Free Web Hosting For Students ~ Best Web Hosting For College Students

free web hosting for students

Keep reading as I will show you what are the best free web hosting for students in college or high school.

Searching for a free reliable hosting is hard today. So, I will guide you and share only the free web hosting for students that I have tried when I was in college with no money.

Firstly, if you have not heard or tried Microsoft Azure for students then you need to check it our first.

Some websites require you to have a student ID or email before you try their web hosting for students plan. It is because they are avoiding spam sign-ups. Some people are pretending to be a student to get the benefit but they are not.

Free Web Hosting For Students

When I was in college, I was trying to develop some websites too. I was searching for a cheap web hosting and even $1 web hosting that I can afford with my money. I was even going to page 10 of Google by just searching the best hosting that will be good for my website that I was building.

There is one company that provides website hosting for students that you can try too which is Amazon AKA AWS Educate which you can access by going to this link https://aws.amazon.com/education/awseducate/.